Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuckered Out

Water Valley, MS> Friday and Saturday were mild, beautiful days but summer hit on Monday. Friday afternoon we went to the Music in the Park get together. This is supposed to encourage the citizens of Water Valley to get out and know each other.
It is getting bigger and better each time they put it on. There was food, and a really good local band. Denise and I really had a good time seeing everyone.

There have been some complaints from the peanut gallery that the Howell's spend way too much time playing golf during the holidays. I said no, we never play during Christmas or Thanksgiving. Blind stares met this. I don't get it. Anyway after playing golf Saturday morning, we all went to Trents' house for an afternoon of swimming and a big cookout.

We had an excellent time. Trent grilled burgers and we sat around visiting for awhile and then Trent, Dad and I talked about our fun golf match. I don't know what the rest of them did. A great meal and a good chance to visit with Dad and have our family together.

Saturday morning was another big golf match and I headed home to help Denise get ready for a Ball at Dagger Hall! Denise was throwing an afternoon cook-out and it turned into a regal and wonderful affair. Trent Shelley and Dad came, Greg and Kim and most of the kids (Spencer, Kyle, Erin), Larry Trent and Linda were there, Connie, Me, Denise and Glenda Griffith (and Camo) We grilled chicken and pork loin, lots of drinks, for dessert we had home-made ice cream. Everyone was stuffed to the gills.
I fell in bed and slept like a log.

Thank you to the men like my Dad that have served this country and a prayer for the men that have lost their lives defending and serving our nation. We had a wonderful Memorial Day and Weekend.


Matt said...

Looks like a great weekend in "God's Country," as my late friend Jose de la Vega used to call Mississippi.

Ditto on the thanks and prayers to your dad and everyone the military, past and present.

mark maharrey said...

sounds like a rockin' good time as only Howell's can do it. Give my best to Chief Tallahatchie!
Mark Maharrey