Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend Confusion

High Cotton, MS> Saturday morning, Denise, Camo and I headed to camp. Denise was determined that she was going to catch some fish and I was determined that I was going to mark the boundaries on the new field I want. We both succeeded.
Dad took Rena, Denise, Camo, Trigger and I for an outing on The Othmar and we caught about 25 crappie. Paul Jones was in his little boat and caught about 50 bream. Denise caught several (4) crappie and was very excited. That is one great fishing boat. Rena caught most of the fish. A natural born fisherwoman if I ever saw one. A very good afternoon.

I managed to take Denise and mark the field late that afternoon, so we were ready for supper and a nice cold beer. Later Pauls' great wife Dianne, and her cousin came by and all of us enjoyed fresh crawfish again!
We lit a fire and knocked off the chill of the evening later and sat and talked for awhile. It was very nice and relaxing.

This is no time for play,
this is not time for fun,
This is the Christmas Place,
There is work to be done!

At 7 the next morning Dad rolls me out and tells me to start bush-hogging while he sprays Roundup. I cut the Landing Strip in front of the Point Stand, The Indian Village Field, in front of the Sneaky Stand and go over and cut the Privy Field.
I managed to get this pic of Dad when I was through. For 80 years old, he is one tough customer. I also managed to take Denise up to see the Haunted Graveyard. We headed back tired but proud of a good weekend. I even made it back in time to get in 9 holes of Golf!


Debbie said...

Could you teach my hubby how to spray RoundUp, use a leaf blower, weed eater, etc. He seems to be retarded when it comes to those complicated endeavors. Of course I end up doing it myself. I guess his talents are not in outdoor activities, unless it's fishing and boating.

Jon said...

You are lucky to be able to work your fields! We've had so much rain, I'm late getting my milo planted. Durn, I'll probably have to cut it on Aug 31!

Editor said...

Debbie, all men can work like this when it comes to hunting, I have no household genes either.
Jon, we are just about in a drought, send a little rain our way.
that milo sounds like dove food to me!

Doug said...

We went fishing on Saturday. My kids wouldnt let me use their friends as bait. That would be the worms and the minnows. So fished with a hook and a bobber, they played with worms and minnows. Lunch was good. Supper? Wasnt fish.

Editor said...

yes, children are a whole lot more interesting if you can take the time to play with them.