Thursday, May 03, 2007

Party At Thunderhoofs' Place

Cinco-de-Mayo, MS> This weekend we are having a double birthday party at the famous Christmas Place Party Club.

We are celebrating two birthdays. The first is for our adopted Aunt, Mrs. Walterine Hodge. She and her husband have been great friends to us. More than we deserve. She quickly became Moms' best friend and helped us greatly by just being there during Moms' illness. We all quickly learned to love her as much as Mom did.
Don't tell anyone she will be pushing 63.
We have invited all the neighbors. They have also treated us wonderfully. They watch our property, and always stop by to lend a hand if we need it. We have met some truly great people and hope that this party will show how much we appreciate them. Paul Jones and his wonderful wife will be there, as will our new neighbor Paul Brown.
Since we don't know when Thunderhoofs birthday is, we decided that we would have it too. He is very excited! After we put The Othmar in the water, he wants to do a cannonball off the front and swim with the kids. Notice to the kids!- no climbing up his antlers, he is not a tree.

My friend Marian is coming up from Vicksburg with her husband Bob! She runs a wonderful blog called Marians' Hunting Stories. All of you should visit and link up with her. She seems excited and I feel like she is already family.
The menu is fried catfish, hush puppies, fresh corn, slaw and about a dozen cakes and pies. We are also having CRAWFISH again! Can't ever get too much of them!

We will spend part of the day with Marian and Bob showing them the property. They may even want to catch a fish. About 3 o'clock, they should start cooking.
There will be a great meal and then we will gather around the fire and have drinks while we tell hunting stories, ghost stories and funny things about life at camp.
I hope Marian and Bob spend the night. It is going to be a great weekend.


Marian said...

Thanks for the linkup my friend...see ya soon!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks for the link Rex. Looks like you have quite the party planed this weekend. Hope the weather plays its part. Can’t wait to see a picture of The Othmar.

-Othmar Vohringer-