Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Eight Random Facts About Me

It's a meme, but it's a good way to learn about fellow bloggers deep, dark secrets...

The Rules: Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. Players should tag eight other people and notify them that they have been tagged.
Debbie at Right Truth has tagged me.
1. Dammit, I really enjoy smoking. I hate that PC people are trying to outlaw it and have fought against quitting mostly for that very reason.
2. I enjoy hunting differently from my brothers and getting a deer. It drives them crazy. I don't use deer scents and smoke among other things.
3. I could drink coffee all day.
4. I am a very light drinker, mostly social, but people think I am a big drinker.
5. I am a lover and not a fighter. I am pretty non-confrontational and have been abused a little for it. I am also a little passive-agressive and will balk like a mule when I reach my limit.
6. I really want all the bloggers that I link with to come visit. The Christmas Place is a real place and I can feel it tugging at me to come there every day. I love for people to fall in love with it like I have.
7. I love appraising and don't care much for selling. I am burned out from the back-stabbing and lies that I have heard. When people ask what I do, invariably I answer that I am an appraiser.
8. I absolutely love blogging, I can't wait to put a story up every day. It is driving everyone else in my family crazy. I want to get every story about my father and our hunting life together on paper. I love comments and feel camaraderie with my fellow bloggers.
Who to tag?
1. Marians Hunting Stories a true friend
2. Goons' Redneck ND goon Sprint cars and Pabst Blue Ribbon?
3. The Cook Shack Now, he has an interesting past.
4. Ephemera Who is this guy?
5. Contrary to popular belief?
6. Eject, Eject, Eject Let's see if he will play.
7. Idaho Fishing Times There's something fishy about him
8. Bright Ideas Outdoor Blog Maybe he will give us all some bright ideas


Debbie said...

You described ME in your number 5. That is me to a tea.

I see that you tagged Eject Eject Eject. I absolutely adore that blog. He sees things in the absolutely correct way and has the ability to express himself so clearly. His article "Tribes" will forever be in my heart and mind.

Thanks for playing.

Editor said...

I love tribes too.
I doubt that he will play, but I hope everyone will go to his site and read it.

Dazd said...

Interesting facts...I'm sure my wife would agree with you on the smoking part.

And it would be nice to come visit the Christmas Place, if I could only find time. lol

Kristine said...

I have to agree with you about #8. I love blogging and connecting with my fellow bloggers. When I think I've written something well, which is less often than I'd like, I get such a thrill. It's too much fun.

Frank Baron said...

I really enjoyed smoking too. Yeah, past tense. Coming up to my 1-year anniversary. I miss it, but not as much as I would have thought after puffing for 40 years. I expect you'll quit when nobody's expecting it, when the time is right for you.

Nice blog. :)

Editor said...

Thanks for reading Dazd, remember that you are invited, call me and we will set it up.
Kristine, glad you feel the same way, you can ride with Dazd.
Frank, love your site too, very funny plus some fishing and hunting. Please come back.

old scratch said...

If you haven't read American Digest written by Gerard, you are in for a treat. I think sometimes I might have the ability to write and then I read him

Editor said...

Old Scratch, you have always been a visual kind of guy.

old scratch said...

editor, would you please clarify that last statement

Editor said...

soitainly! some people write what they visualize in their mind.
others visualize in their mind what they can't write.
simple n'yuk, n'yuk

Anonymous said...

Lover huh

Goon said...

I really want all the bloggers that I link with to come visit. The Christmas Place is a real place and I can feel it tugging at me to come there every day. I love for people to fall in love with it like I have.

A buddy and myself commented on how it seems you guys have all the fun down there in Mississippi and we would love to go hunting and shoot some of those monsters bucks that yall have down there. This was after I showed him some of the monsters that you have posted on your blog.

I would love for you guys to come up duck hunting ND style. It rocks.

Goon said...

One more thing, used to smoke a long time ago so I know what your saying and I finally quite chewing Copenhaggen, its Miller Lite, Sprint Cars and super late models.

Editor said...

Goon, we might be able to work that out.

Freddie said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm with you on the smoking thing. I wanna to quit, but not because THEY think I should. Nunna their business I say.

Editor said...

Hey Freddie,
Dazd had a good post about your site and I wanted to see it. you have a sharp blog. Keep writing!

Goon said...

Freddie if you want to quite go to your doctor and ask for a smoking cessation drug, it works, I used one for chewing.

defiant_infidel said...

Sorry to double tag you on this, Rex, but I certainly understand why Debbie did!

A great post. Your interest in fine folks comes through with every word. And "Tribes" is one of my all time favorite reads, too. Mr. Whittle is incredible.

I work too much, but the next time I make a run to Florida in a vehicle other than a jet, I'm going to touch base with you to check timing and see if a visit would be convenient. We'd be flattered if you might reciprocate sometime and swing through these parts, too. The Maine blizzards generally ease up in July...