Monday, July 23, 2007

A Blind Duck

Quackerville, MS> this weekend Mark and I headed to the famous Christmas Place to get a few stands whipped into shape. We got sidetracked by Hershel "My Way" Howell.
We were going to finish his duck blind if it killed all of us.
He has drained the pond it is on, built a road to the stand that is hidden in the willows. The stand platform is about 4 feet above the ground and when the water is let back in, should be about a foot out of the water. The platform was up, we had to finish it. Rembrandt Howell has created a masterpiece. It is now over 10 feet long, with 4 foot plywood sides around it. The stand has a ramp leading up so that Dad and his dog can walk up it. I wish to God I had my camera. I will get a picture soon of the new Taj Mahal we built.


GUYK said...

My first try at duck hunting I was beginning to wish for a duck wait I mean a blind setting on the water. Them sumbitches know how to fly...

Matt said...

I look forward to seeing it.