Friday, July 20, 2007

Take a Good Look Around

He is very funny, and has a neat niche in the blogosphere. He looks at the funny, strange, crazy and weird things that we see all the time without questioning, points them out and ask us to Translate what the hell it means.
He calls himself the Translator and runs one interesting and funny site. He is located in Colorado and if you send him a postcard, he will put it on his site. Pretty Cool! The name of his site is Rosetta Rants and for a funny and thought provoking experience, please go visit him.
You know we have had a few problems with strange rock carvings and we have had a unique and mysterious code found carved on a rock tablet at the famous Christmas Place.

1 comment:

Translator said...

Wow! Thanks for the sparkling review! Not sure what I did to deserve that, but THANK YOU!

And if you get a chance, please send me a postcard from your neck of the woods! I'd love to hear from you, Editor!

Thanks a bunch!