Sunday, July 29, 2007

Comic Book Heros III

Denny is in the mountains but because he is so attuned to nature he becomes the mysterious Swamp Thing

SweetThing is working hard to overcome some serious physical problems, her reward is to be named the heroic Supergirl

Fuzzy is the lost and invisible Deadman. (you better start blogging, hunting season is coming)

A great blog out of the west is run by BobG who is also known as the Rawhide Kid

Dash is from Texas and is another tough Outlaw, the famous Kid Colt.


NICKEL said...

Thanks Rex. With my new found identity as Supergirl maybe I can run over to Guyk's blog and save Samson in part 3 of his Sunday School lesson.

denny said...

Swamp Thing... that's funny. We do actually have some swampy looking areas on Bolt Mountain... suddenly I feel the urge to go play in one of them :)