Monday, July 02, 2007

Family Oriented Hunting Blog?

I went to get a piece of Toast with Blogagog and found this neat link to see what your blog is rated. Keeskennis does not want to know about his. I can't believe I got an R-rating. This is a family blog!
Go and check on yours.


BobG said...

Any reference to guns hurts the rating.

Kristine said...

I think bobg is right. The blog I write was labelled NC17, which makes no sense. I write a company blog for heaven's sake, how bad could it be?

Frank Baron said...

Mine is rated "Parental Guidance" dammit.

I mean, dang it.

Callie said...

Mine is PG because I said the word *suck*



Darrell said...

mine was 'R' because of "Knife, Gun, & Kill". And because of "XXX". I didn't even know I had XXX anywhere on my site. Thanks for the link. Kinda fun to check out.

GUYK said...

Well kiss my heart. My ass is cracked and I'll never smile again. Mine iece of shit and wit is rated PG! BAWAHAHAHA...just goes to show that whoever is doing the rating is worried more about Bambi getting blowed away than Bill Clinton Blown.

Editor said...

PG? Hell, I go to your site to learn new curse words. What's up with that?

Jon said...

A couple of weeks ago I saw some pics of girls with bikinis on sitting in "The Othmar". If that didn't cause the rating maybe they have a prejudice against folks from the South?

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks for the link Rex.
I checked my blog and it came up G- General Audiences. It said; This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words: gun (2x) shoot (1x).
Your blog is "R" rated because of 11x hell, 8x gun, 2x death and 1x dead. Maybe the computer program figures you’re some death wish maniac. :)

Wonder what happend to my rating when I start writing about the deer rut. :)

-Othmar Vohringer-