Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mini Blogmeet

Hemingway, MS> Well, I am off to meet GuyK from Charming, Just Charming. He should be headed to Vicksburg, where he will meet Marian and then to the Christmas Place. A kind of mini blogger meet. I think next year, I will just send invitations to everyone and if you show up fine and if you don't too bad for you. Our agenda will include drinking, talking, eating, riding ATV's, fishing, talking and eating. We are gonna talk about all of y'all since you are not here. I am personally going to introduce him to Thunderhoof!
Keep blogging and I will be back on the 5th.


Hammer said...

GuyK is a heck of a good fellow.

Tell him I said hello and have a great time.

Dash said...

Count me in for next time.

Walrilla said...

It's hard to find better people than GuyK and SweetThing. Tell 'em I said Howdy!


Goon said...

Drinking and Fishing you can't beat that.