Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tall Cool Award

I received an award yesterday from my new friend
Becky at Tall Cool Drink of Water. You are supposed to choose 5 people that really help grow the blogosphere community.
“And what is the Power of Schmooze? It’s a blogging community involvement award for those bloggers who make the effort to connect and develop relationships in the blogosphere. Some leave great comments along the way, while others are faithful readers who’s presence you are aware of.”
There are many people who make this committment and should be rewarded for their efforts. It takes a tremendous amount of time. I would like to pass this on to some great friends and blogs.
1. Kristine at Hunt Smart, Think Safety She always leaves great thought provoking comments and schmoozes easily with all types of bloggers.
2. Kevin at HuntingLife.com He has just launched a new hunting website that is sure to be a hit. He has great hunting related post on all hunting issues. You can win an elk tag there if you hurry!
3. Dazd at Dazd and Confuzed Captions, fun factoids, strange twist on the news and always leaves comments and welcomes new bloggers to his gigantic blogroll.
4. Translator at Rosetta Rants He is making a hit in the blogosphere. His post are witty and bound to make you think about how crazy this world can be. Can you help him translate? Translate this, link exchange you, me!
5. Denny at BackWoods Drifter He seems to know every blogger in the Mountains, and he also knows, understands and communicates how to recognize trees, flowers, and many other things in the woods that you may take for granted. Blood Root?

Pass this award on to 5 others and keep the community of friends growing.


Marian said...

Congrats on your "Power of Schmooze" Award....you definitely deserved it my friend.

Anonymous said...

Aww Rex!

I knew my "Power of Schmooze" would be used for good someday.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

So do I get the cool Schmoose graphic now?

Editor said...

yes you do my friend.
it took me an hour to figure out and remember how to get it in my sidebar.

Callie said...

Congrats my friend. May I have an autograph please?


blogagog said...

Found an old picture of you, Rex. You had it back then too.

denny said...

Thanx Rex... I was unsure about leaving this comment because once again I find myself without words. You are too kind and I feel privileged to call you my friend.

Thank You

This solves the problem of what to post about tomorrow :)

Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

I put my power of schmooze post and my nominations up at the blog I write. I stole the graphic from here.

Thanks again Rex. I appreciate it.

Translator said...

Hey, Editor! Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you like my take on this wacky and crazy world! This schmooze is for you!

And yes, I translated - link exchanged have I.