Friday, July 13, 2007

Spraying Fruit Trees

Golden Delicious, MS> Now, you need to remember that Thunderhoof likes his apples Jusssstttt Sooo. So does my Dad. Recently when Marian and Bob were at the camp. He put us to work spraying the apple and pears trees. Funny how they are all in front of his stands. I got some work out of Marian and Denise. We also looked for antlers with no success.

Deerses love fruit and the fatter they are, the less chance they will have to waddle off and escape while Dad is trying to blast one.

Bob turned out to be a natural born supervisor for the project. We saw a couple of deer while we were out wandering around.

That Marian is a trooper, she is fun, energetic and full of Bright Ideas. She doesn't like a snake or a mean hog and we kept a sharp eye out for them. She is crazy about that damn Thunderhoof though. (Naturally) Why do these ladies get Dazed and Confused by that tricky rascal?

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