Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Skiing Sardis Lake

Lazy Campground, MS> Last weekend, Denise and I plus Spencer and Erin, went to Sardis Lake for a boating and relaxing Saturday. It was also Denise's Birthday (she is 39 again) We met up with Mark "Rockefeller" Stewart and his sweet wife Kim "BearClaw" Stewart. Marks' parent were there along with Kims' sister and family. It was a hot, perfect day to ride in the boat, play in the water, enjoy a cold beer and let the work week melt away.

A great day of sunshine and enjoying the water. Mark brought one of his smaller ski rigs and a jet ski for everyone to play on. Everyone got to go tubing too! Marks son Drew (who killed a scrub buck last year) was there and was really good with my kids.

Mr. and Mrs Stewart brought their brand new gold and platinum plated RV down to camp in. A/C, TV, shower, all the trimmings in this luxury camper. Wow! I hope they adopt me. Mr. Stewart told great stories about his days at Ole Miss, and we spent the day high on the hog with the rich folks.


Michelle Rene said...

So jealous! I am going camping next weekend, though. I can't wait.

Davin said...

You weren't drinking beer at Sardis were you,that's a big no-no. Us Lammey's would never do anything like that (HAHA)