Thursday, July 26, 2007

An Exciting Day

It has been an interesting and exciting day here at the old Howell Realty (Bailey Savings and Loan) Co. I came in almost out of blogging material, but a bunch of stuff has happened. Got a new link, received my new custom rod, received my cool badge from the Outdoor Bloggers Summit and am looking forward to talking to my friends in a conference call at 7PM. Oh yeah, everyone in my link list was assigned a comic strip hero name. Unfortunately, I had to work too. Tomorrow, we will work it all in to savor over the weekend.


Matt said...

I hate when work gets in the way.

Kristine said...

We all have comic strip hero names now? When did this happen?

And, more importantly, what's mine?

On the forums I go by Gunslingergirl. That sounds suitably superheroish.