Friday, July 27, 2007

Git Safe for Hunting Season

I have added a link on my sidebar to help all of you purchase a product called The Gunslinger. I know none of you have ever dropped anything out of a deerstand, much less your rifle, right? The gunslinger is a very simple and effective device to add that might save your rifle or even your life. Kristine at Hunt Smart Think Safety is marketing director and she runs a great blog. You DO want her to keep her job and not have to blog from the gutter for food and internet access like the rest of us. Please go see the video and Purchase one of these.


Matt said...

I recently got a Gunslinger and am looking forward to safer hunts this season.

t1g said...

It's pretty slick... very similar to what my brothers and I have used, but it's a better set up.

Kristine said...

Well, that's a unique marketing pitch. "Buy a Gunslinger so Kristine won't starve." Hadn't thought about trying that one.

Thanks for the support Rex. I appreciate it, as always.