Monday, July 02, 2007

Hurrying the 4th

Mt. Thunderhoof, MS> Noah (aka GuyK) has left Oklahoma. Of course it is now underwater. Storm clouds are brewing over Louisiana and Mississippi. I expect a real frog soaker in the next few days. Warnings have been issued to low lying areas and the Mississippi Delta to move to higher ground. Every deer in the delta has been issued a life vest! Hunt Smart! Get a kayak!
I am going to get Marian to meet him at the Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg at the visitors center. He can follow them up Hwy 3 to Yazoo City and the Christmas Place. Hopefully we can explore, fish, talk about The Outdoor Bloggers Summit, eat, drink and relax. I wish all of you were going to be here.


blogagog said...

It's clouding up here in south Louisiana, and we're supposed to be going to a big barbeque :(

Enjoy your vacation!

Michele said...

Hot and dry out here in the Kootenays at the moment but trust me, we had our fair share of mushroom growing weather not too long ago.
Hope you have a good time just the same.

Editor said...

Blogagog, I only invited him because we really need the rain.
Make sure to bring an umbrella and a life raft.

Phillip said...

Send all that extra rain back west. We could sure use it around here. Ya'll are having floods, we're having fires.

And they say we're not living in the time of the Apocalypse.

Kristine said...

We could use some rain here as well. There's a possibility of some tonight and tomorrow. I'm ready, bring it on.

Seems weird to be saying we aren't getting rain in Northern Michigan, but we're not.

Matt said...

Thanks for the link and send the rain on up Highway 7. Tell it to turn east on I-40, continue to 81 and don't stop till it gets here! Once it does, it's welcome to stay for about three days. We need it bad!

GUYK said...

Hey! It is comin' with me.I have ben rained on all day and damn if it didn't rain this afternoon at the campground here out of Rustin La. I hope some of it goes with me to sweetthing's half acre where the tree rats have been opening fire hydrants looking for a drink of water...and crawling away disappointed.