Thursday, July 12, 2007

Check Your Local Post Office

This is Paul Howell, one of the scariest creatures at the famous and disorderly Christmas Place. Lawyers are the most dangerous and vicious creatures around. Notice the beady eyes and the glint of fangs.
The drool on his lips is from spotting your wallet.

This is Bobby Howell. His job is to hobble around and poke big deer with his cane and talk about the good old days. He also uses his cane to make everyone throw wood on the fire so that he won't get cold while we hunt. The next time I get a big deer, I am going to drag his sorry A@@ out of the sack and put him to dragging.

This is Burney Howell. Pretend cook, fisherman extraordinaire and piss poor deer hunter. He works for the casinos. You can pay him off in fish! He is always interesting and once found a new number between 3 and 4, but forgot it. He can shoot a damn bow though.

Rex Howell, Your friendly neighborhood Blogger, Trophy Hunter and Writer-in Residence. Also known to be handsome, charming and modest.

You should be terrified! Mark Stwart is the guy delivering your mail cross-country. Anyone missing a letter please email me and I will gladly give you his home phone number, his cell phone number and home address. He has managed to kill one piddly buck and now thinks he is a trophy hunter. He is really useful for scaring deer away and is known far and wide as "The Doe Master.

This is Trent Howell, another vampirish lawyer. It is creepy knowing those things are in your woods! He thinks he is the only one that understands deer hunting, but we keep right on blasting the hell out of them while he freezes on his stand.
This is Hershel Howell. "Chief" of the camp. 80 years old and still outworking everyone on the place. Notice this picture was taken after he had spent the morning bush-hogging. He is the heart and soul of the Famous Christmas Place and has forgotten more about the woods than most people will every know. He can tell a good story too!


rvnx11 said...

Nice to meet ya'll. I have an 80 something year old neighbor. He is like your "chief". Works every single day and he has plenty of good stories to tell. Someone like that can keep me captivated for hours.

I think I like this Christmas Place...

Have a great day!!!

Phillip said...

Wow, a sure enough rogues gallery!

With lawyers and such roaming your woods, no wonder you have so many scary stories.

Nice to put faces on the names we read so often, by the way.

Hammer said...

Interesting crew. I hope I'm that spry when I'm 80. Heck I wish I was when I was 20 ;)

defiant_infidel said...

I've seen all these dangerous characters, even though my post office is a long ways from yours! I knew they all looked like they were of the same clan, by cracky. So when does Lawyer Season open up down there? With trophies like these running around locally, they're bound to be throughout the whole damn state! How many tags does one get with an out-of-state license??? One of them would look mighty fine mounted up over my mantle...

R.A.M. said...

It is nice meeting everyone! I fixed the link as you can see. Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...



now I know who I am flirting with.LOL


AppraiserLady said...

Hi Bobby! I'm sending a BIG hug your way. Rhonda :-)