Wednesday, July 11, 2007

From Deep in the Mountains

Hatfield, WV> Way back up in the hills of West Virginia there is a man blogging like crazy. He's smart, he's sharp, he's up to date and he knows his subject. Follow along with Denny at the Backwoods Drifter. He runs at least three very interesting blogs and he can tell some very good stories too. He knows the mountains and I think every tree and plant there. He seems to always have an interesting subject to write about and has a cool eye for some great pictures. He was recently injured in either a saw accident or a knife fight. He seems like a pretty tough codger and is blogging with one hand. He can still outblog most people. Go give his sight a look-see and enjoy blogging his wild mountain magic.

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Kristine said...

I really enjoy his blogs. He had a post (on the Bolt Mountain blog I think) about finding the foundation of an abandoned house and imagining the life that went on there that I thought was just terrific.