Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Everybody is a Hero Pt. V

Two brothers keeping it SimplyOutdoors.

Art is the amazing Silver Surfer and Jeff is the deadly accurate Green Arrow.

Reading about Mountain Men was big to me as a kid and Darrell fits right in as the rough and tumble Tomahawk

Seeing and exploring new worlds or maybe looking at ours through new eyes, the Translator is the intrepid Adam Strange

Who else? Goon is the powerful adventurer Conan the Barbarian.

Sharp eyed, deadly, sexy, and a thrill-seeking explorer, Marian is Lara Croft.


Translator said...

Wow! Adam Strange, eh? I must admit I haven't read that one, but he sounds pretty cool. Thanks for that flattering comparison!

Translation: I've never been called a super hero before! ;)

darrell said...

Wow! Tomahawk was a bad dude (in a good way). Tomahawk was raised by Indians, absorbed their lore, and used it to his advantage in guerrilla warfare against the British. Would you believe that my Great Granfather was a Kiowa indian chief? I can't wait to tell my mother about this cool comparison! Thanks Rex for giving me something to smile about!

Marian said...

Rex - you are a hoot...appreciate the kind words about me vs. Lara Croft! Looks like you know me already! :)