Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Big Fish

Pacific, MS> Paul Jones finally sent me the pic of his big bass. He took this fish at our lake last summer on a light line and had to fight him for at least an hour to get it in the boat. The big bass weighed well over 7 pounds. There's some big ones in the lake too! This scenic picture is for the Defiant Infidel who needs a relaxing break


Matt said...

Man, you write a lot of blogs! Keep up the good work! Would love to read more about your brother in Alaska.

Editor said...

will do, let's keep the links going.

defiant_infidel said...

Hi Rex... and sincere THANKS from up here in the frozen North! It indeed does look peaceful. I found your comment at my blog, responded to it and came straight over here to view your great pics. I am crossing my fingers for a large snow storm tomorrow into Saturday... If it comes through, after the obligatory plowing routine, me and the little woman are going to take a Sunday blast on the snowmobiles. I will take our cameras with us (if this comes to fruition) and grab some photos to post and reciprocate your thoughtfulness next week. I really need a breather for a day!

In the intrum, I appreciate your tolerance of my ultra poor attitude lately. Once I get a couple of things sorted out with my currently infected computer and can corner a few free moments, I will welcome a chance to do some writing.

Take good care! ;-)