Monday, January 15, 2007

Hog Action

Boarshead, MS> Hershel Howell and Burney left for camp early on Friday. Dad finally got to hunt his stand behind the Game Wardens' Station while Burney went to the Point Stand. They were hoping to beat the rain that was due.
Hershel watched deer out in the refuge but they would not come across the line till he saw a doe peep out the end of the field then start grazing. She threw her head up and took off as a herd of hogs ran into the field. Pop picked out the largest and POW!, it dropped. A minute later another one came close. POW!! It dropped. The rest took off for parts unknown. He got down as Another shot came from Burneys direction.
He had popped a hog too! Dad finally got to get the dirt dobbers out of his barrel.

Dad with his trusty dog Trigger. Burney cooked the ribs Saturday night and they were really good!


Phillip said...

Nice work, fellas! Those are some good hogs, and I bet the pork was tasty!

Haven't chased hogs in your neck of the woods yet, but I sure hope to get out there someday.

Editor said...

I have a feeling I will be seeing you sometime soon.