Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Last Nightmare of 2006

Straight Jacket, MS> Paul awoke renewed and ready for combat. It had come to him in his sleep of exactly what to do to get the monstrous buck of his dreams. He had a new plan and this time it was going to work. He dropped Michael off somewhere and headed for Eastgate and the very upper end of the hole area. He was wild with excitement and dread. He could see a deer in every tree, bush and rock that he passed. He got on the side of the steep hill and waited for daylight. It wasn't long till he heard deer running and chasing below him, and as daylight crept into the woods he saw the flash of antlers moving toward him. Ah-Hah, he put the scope to his eye and this time counted the antlers. He could see 5 on one side. Good Grief, this has to be exactly what I have been waiting for. The deer crossed below him and Paul tracked the deer in the scope and pulled the trigger. BOOOMMM!!!! The deer made a short dash and fell to the ground. Paul reached the buck in record time and stood staring at his latest nightmare. To say that the nine point was tiny is an underestimate. The little deer would have been a trophy in three or four years. Things were bleak again and that was Paul's last deer of the year. He headed back to camp with a tic to his left eye and the shakes that he could not get rid of.
He reached the camp thinking that at least it could not get any worse.
He reached for the door handle as a loud BOOM! rolled out of the hills above him. Skip the coffee, he really needed a drink. He felt sick, he knew someone had just blasted a big ol' mule! Oh, well at least he had a nine point on the pole.


old scratch said...

It is and has always been a priviledge to be a guest at the Christmas Place hunting club. The Howell family have been wondererful friends to me and mine. this past weekend I saw an 8 point who had the genetics to be a monstor next year. My son and I got to watch a huge 7 point for 45 minutes hunting in the north cornfield which we could have taken but decided to let him grow another year, in total I probably saw 30 deer in the 3 1/2 days hunting. Hershel's annual squirel hunt is one of the highlights of the year for me. I also enjoy our annual golf trips in the spring and summmer where we get free lodging close to some wonderful golf courses. I would like to take this opportunity for anyone who reads this to please say a prayer for Hershel's wife Peggy,who is one of the most gracious ladies whom I've ever known and is seriously ill. Sickness puts into perspective what is really important in life and please keep her in your prayers.

Editor said...

thank you,
my mother is extremely ill and we are going back and forth to the hospital. I am behind with links and email. Hope things get better so that I can get back to fun blogging.