Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Faux Paul

Sink Hole, MS> Paul Howell, hole hunter, panicked lawyer, and trophy hunter of world renown moved into the hole area before daylight. He had a plan to get a big buck. The plan was perfect.
Thunderhoof slipped noiselessly through the woods before daylight. He had a giant grin on his face. He had a plan. This was going to be fun!
Paul got in his stand and got ready, the sun came up and he could hear deer running in the woods all around him. He was super excited and knew today was the day. If he had to hear one more time about Rex and the damn paddle wheeler buck, he was going to shoot himself. He would show everyone that he was the trophy hunter around here.
Thunderhoof caught a nap in the big ditch behind Paul and waited.
Paul heard deer heading his way. Limbs broke, a flash of a tail and Paul raised his rifle. Thunderhoof grunted right behind him. GRUUNNNNTTTT!!!! Paul jerked and almost shot straight up. A deer ran over the ridge in front of him. Horns!!!!! It has to be the giant Thunderhoof! BLAM!!! The deer ran over the hill. Shaken, Paul climbed down and went to look for the giant deer. Thunderhoof got up, peed under Pauls' stand and went looking for does. His work was done.
Paul found his deer. A wide Six point. Six Point? Oh, My God! That's a $150 fine.
Crushed, he returned to camp. The deer weighed 170lbs. and we all sat around the pole giving instructions and helping supervise the cleaning of his deer. He took it like a man. Plus, we needed the money. Congratulations on another FINE buck.

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Moose said...

Note to self Buy more Federal Ammunition Stock :D Great story sounds like some of our clubs hunts.