Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Global Blogging

Deer Pot, MS> I have recently added a few new links to my sidebar. The people that do hunting blogs seem to enjoy reading and contributing to each others sites. Please go visit these guys and let them know you appreciate their time and efforts.
The first link is to Bill Anderson, way up in Ontario, Canada. He has the Rip N' Tear Hunting Camp. They have Meese, giant Deerses, gaggles of Geese, bears and he likes trout fishing too! He is at Muskoka Outdoors.
The second link is to a guy named Jim Braaten.
He is a writer and avid outdoorsman.
He sells very cool wildlife calendars also. He has made a New Years Resolution to blog more, so bug him to get with it! He is blogging up in the cold state of Minnesota at Sportsman's Blog. Give him a look also.
Thanks to everyone that has left a comment or sent me an email. Please send my link to your hunting pals and your friends too. Good luck to everyone for 2007 and my best blogging wishes to you for a Happy New Year.


Fuzzie said...

When I first started I tried to blog everyday. That was unrealistic for me; kids, work, church, time was just too strained. But we just started Year Three, and the blog is still going strong.
Happy New Year,

Editor said...

thanks, Fuzzie
it is hard work to keep it going.

Matt said...

Nice site. Publicizing other bloggers is a great way to get more people to it too. I look forward to reading your past posts.