Monday, January 22, 2007

Wilbur Has a Blast

Cootville, MS> Wilbur Herring, old curmudgeon and real estate agent, visited the famous Christmas Place this weekend. He reported that he had a blast! He and Dad hunted ducks, hogs, and enjoyed looking over the property. He said that they hunted Dads' boxstand with 8 deer in the field with them and drank Apricot Brandy while they waited for hogs. (Wilbur does not drink, but the fumes kept him warm) He got to go up to the lake, tour the land, and watch all the kids hunting hard. He reported eating a great duck gumbo and the feeling that he was treated like a king. Burney killed a nice 8-point (I will have pics later) and told me he wanted to go back fishing as soon as Pop was ready. He fit in well with the jokes and repartee of Paul and loved being with Dad. He is always a lot of fun with me and I would love for him to come deerhunt next fall.

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