Thursday, January 18, 2007

Muskoka Dad

I asked Bill Anderson to send me a photo of the massive buck he killed this year.
I am still waiting. I did see that his father (the real hunter in the family) bagged a nice buck. Hmmmm.... He is being promoted to be the new Deer Hunting Editor at Muskoka Outdoors
Congratulations, keep teaching and maybe Bill will get a deer one of these days.
Bill has started a new fishing blog for you trout fishermen. It is Trout Waders. It is not grabbling, but is a very up to date and interesting blog for fishermen.
Remember his motto: Hunt Proud, Fish Hard!


defiant_infidel said...

Damn, Rex... I simply love coming to read your words and view the astonishing deer pics you post! I just finished another "brings me down, but I have to" post over at my place and then came directly to your site to receive some spiritual lift. You deliver every time.

Hey, BTW... NICE hogs that your Dad brought home! I haven't hunted hog since I lived in Florida over 16 years ago, but those sure were a great reminder! What did he park those two with? I used to use a TC Contender in
45-70 Govt. with 400 grain Speer jacketed Flat Nosers ahead of an unscrupulous amount of IMR-3031. Since coming home to Maine the only thing I use that one for now is black bear.

Great job as usual... THANX for doing what you do!

Editor said...

Dad is using my 7 mag.
It is a hog killing SOB.
When you have had enough of those people up there, let me know and
maybe we will have a long family weekend at the camp this summer.