Friday, January 26, 2007

Last Chance, Rain Dance

Lonely Vigil, MS> While the rest of the country is finished with deer season and is busy with ice fishing, the members at the famous Christmas Place Last Gasp Club have this weekend to bag their buck with a muzzleloader. Mostly it is a futile attempt since they have all gone back in their deer holes. Never say never, some of these fools never give up!
All of the really good hunters are sitting around the fire
eating peanuts and drinking whiskey (For example, Me and Drew.)
To confuse and bother the members hunting this weekend,
I am posting the picture of an extremely large buck taken in Yazoo Co, just across the ridge. His name is Chris White and this is a damn monster. But hey, I'm sure that there are plenty running amok like this, So get out in the freezing weather and get one. Trent (the Greedy) hasn't missed a day of hunting yet. I expect him to be trying to hunt my stand this weekend.

I am taking my video camera this weekend. I am sure Thunderhoof will come out and graze under my stand. He loves to have his picture taken! He loves to pose for Action shots! I am going to take my rifle in case the evil hogzilla walks out in front of me too! Fresh hog for supper! Yum!Yum!

It has been a very good season for deer and the outlook is even better for turkey season. Stay tuned!

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