Saturday, January 06, 2007

Scouting While Hunting

Buck Trail, MS> The famous Christmas Place has deer galore. Having deer does not mean that you will kill a giant buck or even see one, but they are there. The big deer I took at the upper end of the lake shows that a little perseverance will pay off. In fact, I have picked out three more places around the lake that I want to hunt next year. Remember, Big Bucks have Wet Feet.
Last week while everyone was out hunting, Denise sat on the back porch of the camphouse and a big buck slowly grazed across the backyard as he looked for does.
Sometimes they are not as deep in the woods as you think. A great place to hunt may be only a
hundred yards from your back door. I have hunted and taken a bunch of big deer while hunting within sight of someones house.
Vary your trail coming out from your stand to inspect trails, hooks, scrapes and check out any little open areas in the woods for a potential stand. Good Luck to everyone for the rest of the season.


Othmar Vohringer said...

You make a very good point in your post. Many hunters head into the woods or line up along agricultural fields. Deer know that, especially on public land, and head to places where hunters do not go. Such places are often very close to human activity. I shot my first public land buck not 40 yards from a hunter parking lot in a state park where no “sane” hunter ever would dream to hunt. My second buck, also on public land I shot near a highway in a bramble thicket as he watched the hunter traffic go by on opening day.

-othmar Vohringer-

Editor said...

sometimes, those old widow women living on an old farm practically
have giant bucks living in their yard and would love for you to stop them from eating up their petunias.