Friday, January 05, 2007

How to Deerhunt on Your Computer

Googleville, MS> The secret to deerhunting is first be smarter than the deer. You would not believe how difficult this can be (especially for the hunters in our camp). There are many, many people out there that try different tactics, or know one small thing that will help you get a buck of a lifetime if you just pay attention.
I gladly read other peoples blogs, try to learn what they know, enjoy their successes and failures too. It is all part of the learning process. I have never been so proud as when Spencer got his first buck last week. I now understand that part of hunting. I understand why my father is proud of every deer we have taken over the years. Several guys that I read have been nice enough to link to me. I hope they keep enjoying my stories.
The first is a real nice guy who goes by the monicker of FUZZIE. He has a very good site called Pennsylvania: Hunt, Fish, Shoot He has kids he is bringing along too, plus that picture shows one big whammer jammer buck! He must know something! He is into shooting and fishing. Hope he is not a crazy duck hunter too. Go to his site, he keeps up with a lot of national news and hunting stuff. He also seems like a guy that would fit into your deer camp.
Another really nice guy up in Virginia is Matt Coughlin. He is doing the blog thing, raising kids and working on his computer. He needs to talk to Fuzzie. He tells good stories about his hunts, throws out some interesting hunting news, likes a big truck and has a side business that can put your hunting memories to DVD, He has a nice buck on his Trail Cam picture and enjoys the outdoors every second he can get there. He is at Bright Ideas Outdoor Weblog Please visit him and wish him a happy 2007.

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