Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thoughts On Spring

It is raining and cold today.
Everyone, except me, is at camp trying to enjoy the next to last weekend of muzzle-load season. I have been sitting in front of the fire thinking about spring. Hot weather, golf, fish, golf, turkey season, etc.
Hell, I might do some topiary in the spring.
I know exactly what animal to create in the hedgerow.
If it is cold for awhile longer, I may try my hand at painting!
I might be another Van Goat!
Paul keeps drawing and sending me pictures, with arrows and
math equations showing the flight of his bullet on the big 10-point that got away this year. I think that he needs to work on his drawing ability along with his shooting skills!


mailrider said...

maybe you need to call Paul and find out why a mexician and Michael saw the MULE this weekend. Kinda strange to hunt the sneaky and burney's stand behind the sneaky if you are tring to kill a doe. But seeing that you were no freaking where to be found this weekend, oh I see now. kind of a Weekend in New England for you? TOTALLY FREAKING PITIFUL!!!!

Editor said...

where the hell were you? you are supposed to defend the sneaky stand with your life!