Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ever Lived With a Legend?

My father (Hershel Howell) is one. sometimes I forget, or take it as very natural. When I step back and look through someone elses' eyes, it amazes me.
He has hunted with Fred Bear. Taken unknown amounts of deer with rifle and bow, incalculable amounts of ducks, grabbled giant catfish, and harvested about a billion turkeys. Hell, he used to rabbit hunt with a bow! Most everyone in this part of the world has hunted with him or learned to hunt from him. He seems to know the name of every tree in the woods. I'm trying but men like him are a vanishing breed. I sure am glad he is my father. There are about a million stories about our familys' hunting life together, most of them funny and entertaining. Hope I can blog about most of them as time goes by.
I found this picture from the 70's. Hershel Howell was instrumental in the turkey restocking plan for north Mississippi at that time. It is a success story beyond belief. If you hunt turkeys here, you can thank him.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a great 2007 turkey season Mr. Hershel...keep some mud on your boots...hunt on!

Editor said...

thanks, he always does!

Anonymous said...


A very nice tribute to your father.

Mike Carter

Davin said...

Very nice story on your Dad,I will show this to Dean as turkey hunting is his passion.We have more turkey in Abbeville than whiskey drinkers if you can believe that (HAHA).

Editor said...

why don't you plan on coming down with your son to shoot about a 25lb. turkey?