Tuesday, January 09, 2007

412lb. Buck (Hooficus Giganticus)

Heavens' Gate, VA> I found this pic on the internet of a giant whitetail buck that weighed 412lbs. Yes, 412lbs. Off the Hook 24/7 has the story somewhere in it's files. This giant mule was taken in Virginia. I am going to put Matt in charge of finding out the story on this gigantic animal.


Matt said...

I'm on the case.

Moose said...

Info you seek and more photos.

Editor said...

I am glad you found out this is probably a fake. That deer would of been within a hundred pounds or so of the size of Thunderhoof.

Editor said...

what the story boils down to is that the hunters were not saying where they harvested the deer, so rumors spread. Then they did not weigh it and just guessed at the size. It may have weighed that much, we will never know.