Monday, January 15, 2007

The King of DeerTopia

Season Finale, MS> Drew Stewart, son of mafia mailman Mark Stewart, had hunted hard when he got the chance to go to camp. He had worked in the summer, helped repair stands, shot his doe and done everything he was supposed to do to get and deserve a nice buck. It was the last weekend and he felt another season had slipped away. It was hot, the deer were not going to move and it looked like rain coming. He decided he would go to the North Cornfield BoxStand and maybe at least see a deer. He did not have to wait too long.
Mark was at the Turkey Feather stand; surrounded by deer. He could not believe they were moving like this. He picked out a fat doe to fill his freezer and it fell in the field after the shot. A few minutes later a lone gunshot sounded north of him and he thought, that might be Drew.
Drew was taking it easy as the sun slipped down. He scanned left, then right and back left. Holy Crap! A giant buck was standing in the wide open eating like a cow!
He got his shaking gun up, counted 4 points on 1 side , found the side of the deer in his scope and pulled the trigger. The big deer collapsed. Drew had taken his first buck.
We went to get the deer after dark. What a hog! A muley grande is there ever was one. The big 11-point with split brow tines was some kind of impressive. I think Mark was more proud than Drew. What a magnificent 1st buck! Congratulations to a wonderful young man and the hope for many more over the years.


Bright Idea Outdoors said...

Nice job! Looks like you had a great final weekend despite the weather. Love the hog pictures too!

Editor said...

thanks, hurry up that cabin so I can put a picture up!

Anonymous said...

well well well.. looks like Drew is big man on campus now aint he.. i wont be done hearin abt thsi one for a long long long time.. well, im proud of the boy. but now he keeps callin me a loser.. someone hurry and shoot somethin bigger than his before he gets to big headed! haha! i miss everyone at camp!!

Editor said...

thanks Ashley,
hope to see you soon.