Thursday, January 04, 2007

An Eight Point Nail

Salty Wound, MS> Burney Howell, slick appraiser and casino shill, had been suffering a terrible deer season. He did finally take a doe but felt terrible about the buck that his son,Austin, had wounded and the other one at 20 yards that Austin just flat missed. Looked like no big bucks for him this year. Even so, he had whipped up a hell of a duck gumbo the night before and was not going to give up. Hell, everyone in camp was blasting deer right and left. That morning he asked the famous Buckmaster and River Pilot, Rex Howell, where to hunt. Rex told him to hunt the 1st T-Field, a new stand that no one had ever hunted. Burney gripped but Rex threatened to tell him about his boating buck and Burney did as he was told.
Daylight found him on the stand and soon deer started moving toward him. A doe ran across the field with it's tail at half mast. A good sign! Crashing and a nice six point popped out and followed her. Ten minutes later movement and a big 8-point stepped into the field. Quickly, he got the scope on him and the loud BOOOOMM! echoed down through the hills at 8:00AM. Burney sure hoped Paul heard his shot!
The 190lb. buck had fallen in a steep gulley and it took us awhile to get it out.
What a bruiser! A big 8-point and Burney felt every bit of frustration disappear.
Paul and Burney comparing notes. 190 -vs- 130
A different angle of the same pitiful site ( mature -vs- fawn)
I'm glad Paul is through, I'm tired of writing about his dumb a@@.


Matt said...

Great pictures. By all means, please put a link to my blog on your site. I'll put a permanent link to yours on mine as well.

GUYK said...

Looks like a sandwich in the makings to me.

Matt said...

Deer season ends here in VA Saturday. What do you write about in the off season?

Editor said...

golf, sports, we still go to camp for fishing, looking for arrowheads, scouting, or just to get away.
Talk about long ago hunting trips and put up stories of wonderful hunts, make fun of myself and my work, and my brothers are always an inspiration.