Friday, January 05, 2007

Spencer and Michael Take Over

Family Honor, MS> Spencer and Michael had admired Burneys' big buck and were embarrassed with how far Paul had fallen in his hunting ability. They secretly held a meeting in front of the fire at lunch and agreed someone had to kill a deer to save the family honor. Burney was still taking pictures for God's sake. Paul was hiding out and Rex was resting on his laurels.
Time for quick action.
Spencer grabbed Rex and said let's head back to the Indian Mound and Rex reluctantly said OK. Michael grabbed Paul and said it's time to head for the Lost Ridge. Paul packd up and staggered off with him.
Paul and Michael skirted the cursed hole area and set up on the far side. It was a natural deer runway and Michael put his blind up while Paul collapsed under a tree. An hour later, deer appeared right below them and a really nice 7-point trotted up to 20 yards. Michael raised his rifle and BLAAAM!, the deer ran then quickly fell. They started dragging...........
Spencer and Rex were back in their old stand at the 1st Indian Mound. It was quiet and no deer moved. They expected deer just like the last time but nothing showed all afternoon. They were disappointed as the sun crept down, but right after 5:00, the sound of a running deer and three loud grunts just on the other side of the Indian Mound and the nice buck trotted up the road. A beautiful 7-point! Spencer got his rifle around while Rex checked him with the binoculars. Rex whispered "When he gets in the open..." BLAAAM! The shot scared the heck out of Rex and the deer ran. Oh Lord, Rex thought. He questioned Spencer if he thought he made a good shot as they headed to the last spot they saw the deer. Yes! A look for blood and then a blood trail and the buck was only 30 yards away as dead as a hammer. A great 40 yard shot.
Spencer had taken his first buck! We headed in and that night was wonderful as we got both of the deer on the pole.
Good natured ribbing and retelling of the stories around the fire and a feeling of family closeness for the two boys and Rex and Paul. Michael and Spencer are ready to spread their wings and become true hunters.


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