Friday, March 31, 2006

Bobbys' New Stand

HalfMoon, MS> Bobby Howell said that he just couldn’t climb in a deer stand anymore. He did manage to spend a couple of years poking people with his cane and hogging the fire at camp before Burney came up with an idea to help the Old Codger get after the deer again.
A ground blind! Made of plywood with a window, a door and easy to get in and out of. With great fanfare it was put togetner and placed at the end of the Narrow Field near the camp.
Opening afternoon Bobby finally agreed (after much badgering) to go kill a deer and reluctantly left the warmth of the fire. We celebrated that we had a chance to get warm!
Bobby returned through the door only an hour later in a terrible tizzy and madder than hell. Limping over to the fireplace, he was so mad he couldn’t speak, he slammed his cane down, tossed his gun over into the corner and finally managed to shout that he was never going hunting again. Much mumbling, griping, screaming and shaking of fist in the air later we still couldn't figure out his problem until between whacking people with his cane and sheer hell raising, he finally screamed “Someone took a s**t in my stand!”
Since then it is known as the Privy Stand,
and for some reason Thunderhoof laughs every time he goes by there.


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