Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Giant Killer Snake Defies Bulldozer

Anaconda, MS> (#21)Hershel Howell, noted naturalist and environmentalist, reported the presence of a giant copperhead snake on the mountain at the Famous Christmas Place today. He said “ I parked my four wheeler at the field when I saw this giant 8-foot copperhead peacefully lumbering past me. Well, I immediately picked up a stick and started whacking the hell out of it. The damn thing then coiled up and started trying to bite me for no reason at all. I called for backup, and soon a D-6 Bulldozer was parked and ready to crush the vicious thing. I continued throwing logs in it’s direction and whacking at it with the stick as I climbed on the bulldozer. Then, for no reason at all, it started trying to bite me and the bulldozer. After that things get fuzzy but we spent a lot of time whacking at the snake, tearing up the forest and trying to crush the snake at $85 per hour. Horribly, the snake finally eluded us and escaped!” “To top it off the bulldozer people sent me a bill for $510 for no reason at all.”


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You stupid idiot. Of course the snake had a reason to try to bite you....you were "whacking the hell out it" with a stick. It's too bad it didn't bite you.

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