Friday, March 24, 2006

The Stupid Stand

Rex could recognize a funnel point when he saw it.
No need to mention it to his so-called expert brothers. Halfway down the long ridge leading to the Double White Oak Area, lots of trails but no big buck sign. It was also where everyone had to walk to get to the so-called good spots. Other members laughed when Rex wanted to hunt there.He finally shamed them into givng him some help and moved a ladder stand to the spot.
(since they had hogged all the good spots anyway)
Paul (the expert) said “This is the stupidest spot I have ever seen to put a deer stand. Once again his fate was sealed. Thanksgiving morning, BOOM!
Rex connected and the large 200lb. nine point was put on the pole. That is how the so-called stupid place to hunt has turned out to be one of our most consistent stands and became from that day forward the Stupid Stand.

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