Thursday, March 09, 2006

The White Spectre of Doom!

Voodoo, MS> On the mist shrouded bluffs of the famous Christmas Place Kabala Club there is a harbinger of bad tidings and bad luck in the form of a terrifying albino skunk that lurks around the property spreading pain and woe to whatever hapless hunter happens to cross its’ path. The last victim was Trent Howell, former great shot, typical ambulance chaser, and
former unbeliever in the evil eye. Most lawyers do not believe in the evil eye, considering they are usually the bad luck sign themselves. The evil creature usually is seen by the victim within a day of the horrific curse taking form. Mr. Howell ran across this pink eyed albino devil near his stand just before his confused and doomed attempt to take a gigantic buck known as Old Mossy Horns.
The demon spawned skunk darted out from under a log and stared at him until Mr. Howell felt his blood freeze from its’ cold, evil, pink gaze. Shaken, and trembling with foreboding he staggered to his stand after the vicious apparition melted into the twisting shadows. Bravely he controlled his trembling hands and waited for the deer to appear.
The large buck finally wandered near Trents’ stand below the Turkey Feather .The size of his horns shining in the mist shrouded hollow and the feeling of calamity inspired by the albino devil made the usually unflappable lawyer panic. He cut down on the monster.
Bam, Wham, Zing! The monster buck yawned.
Bam, Pow, Ka-Ching! The gigantic buck wandered off.
Spots of blood found later seemed to have skunk tracks in them.
Trent returned to camp a broken man., and spent the next day moaning in his bed “Those Eyes! Oh! Those Eyes!” The Skunk survived with no ill effects and is living near the bridge now. Several brave and enthusiastic members have volunteered to find the animal and put it in Pauls’ bunk.

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