Thursday, March 23, 2006

Two Shots At Dawn

Brotherly Love, MS> Trent Howell sat in his stand surveying the hillside just after daylight. It was still. Not a leaf moved, it was a perfect morning to take a big old buck. Just then a tremendous BOOM! from a gunshot rattled the stillness from the direction of where Paul was hunting. “Oh, Crap” he thought to himself. “That damn Paul has killed a giant buck!”
Paul Howell bolted his rifle and looked down at the scene. The morning stillness was broken
and he felt bad about the shot, but that’s the way it was. He sat in his stand and listened as the forest quieted around him, when the loud CRACKKK! of a large bore rifle roared down through the woods from the direction of Trents’ stand.
“Holy Crap” he thought to himself. “That S.O.B. has killed another big buck”
They met at the camp for lunch. No deer? Neither had brought in a deer. What happened? They had each shot a coyote and scared each other to death. Ahhh, sibling rivalry at it’s finest!

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