Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How to Beat Bebo at Golf

We played golf with my cousin Bebo this weekend. For some reason, everyone in Mississippi knows him. He is the Oxford pro, sports fanatic, umpire, referee, famous eater and well known duck killer. Beating Bebo playing golf is kind of like Jones killing a deer, occassionally it happens,but everyone knows it is a miracle. Sometimes you just have to out-think your opponent.
Rounding the 6th hole I turned the talk to turkeys which Bebo had never hunted and how much he would enjoy it. Bebo launched another massive drive out of sight and agreed. Inspiration struck me! I told Bebo that shooting a turkey was like shooting twelve mallards, all at the same time. His eyes kind of glazed over. (Everyone knows duck people are crazy) After that he never fully recovered and we pulled out a hard fought win in the match.

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