Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Stone Lights Up the Grill

Emeril, MS> Matt Stone, world renowned chef, here pictured with an unidentified crazy turkey murderer, is eager to get back to the Christmas Place to do a little hunting and a lot of cooking. He knows all sorts of strange recipes from the god forsaken swamps of Louisiana. He can cook blackened redfish and reddened blackfish, he can cook armadillo Cajun fricassee a la mode.
He can whip up shrimp gumbo a crapo’. He makes biscuits that melt in your mouth and red eye gravy from the red eye of a red heron. Crawfish au gratin with rice and muskrat pie. A natural coon-ass cook if ever there was one.
Members drooled over his recipes and at last a member asked him “What wonderful meals do you make with venison?” he blankly said “Venison?”

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