Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Burney and the Enchanted Fish

Hotcrappie, MS> Burney Howell, crooked black jack dealer and of course crooked appraiser had finally earned a little down time.
He had finally reached the big 40 acre lake in the middle of the Christmas Place Anglers Club and the crappie were biting like crazy. He eased the boat a little closer to the bank and flipped his hook underneath an overhanging limb and a big slab crappie grabbed it. He pulled it in. WoW! This was fun. The peace and solitude was great, the fishing fantastic!
Burney started to unwind and the tension oozed out of his body. A noise disturbed him, it kept growing until Burney started looking around. Unhappily he laid his rod down and finally looked down into the 5 gallon bucket that the fish were in. Between splashing and a strange gurgling he made out a voice “help me!” the tiny voice said. Burney peered closer. The top fish was staring at him. The voice came from the fish “help me. I was enchanted by an evil sorcerer, help me and I will grant your every wish!” the tiny voice said. Burney gently pulled the fish out and carefully laid it on the seat beside him, pulled his knife out and quickly cut the head off the fish and pitched it back in the bucket. He muttered “damn fish, has to talk, talk, talk when I’m trying to relax and fish”.

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