Saturday, March 25, 2006

Strange Sightings and Deer Holes

Loch Ness, MS> My father, Hershel, is one of those people that can not help strange things happening to him in the woods. Who can forget the day we were bowhunting in shirtsleeves and he returned with a bizarre tale about a blizzard hitting him as he went up the Tallahatchie River. Another was the comet that almost got him a few years ago as it supposedly whizzed right past his head. Then there was the peacock incident when the strange peacock hopped into a tree beside him at the Eastgate Stand and went to sleep. Another was the bear that he saw, next to the camp that left no sign or tracks. Panthers and strange screams heard at the lost 40. The members at the camp have learned to avoid stories from this crazy old coot. The last incident he had involved deer holes. Many hunters complain when the deer seem to disappear and say they have gone into deer holes. At the Christmas Place, my father, thinks he has located one of the elusive holes.
Hershel Howell sat on the back porch that afternoon having a drink, he was just relaxing and taking it easy when movement caught his eye. Something was moving under the Witchs’ House. Mr. Howell moved to the kitchen grabbed his binoculars and looked.
He could see movement in the two foot crawl space under the house. Then, a doe eased out from under the house! Another one! Then a nice buck crawled out. He couldn’t believe the buck could crawl under the house with those horns! What the hell were they doing under there to begin with? He went to the kitchen, told everyone to come look. When we got there the deer were gone. Very strange! Through the hooting and jeering he kept to his story and now Hershel keeps a close watch from his vantage point and when the deer disappear again he says he knows where to find them.

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